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Introducing the ALL NEW online do-it-yourself JPF DISABILITY COVER, tailored specifically for the medical industry, from as little as R6 per month

It has never been so easy to take out cover in just a few quick and convenient steps

Be prepared for the unforeseen future. If you were to become permanently disabled and not be able to work, who will pay your or your family's everyday expenses, costs for therapies or any home alterations to make living with a disability easier?

By taking out JPF DISABILITY COVER you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be covered and the payout can be used to pay for these expenses, so that you can maintain your standard of living should you become permanently disabled.

Only ONE medical question is required to qualify for JPF DISABILITY COVER.

You can get cover in as little as 10 minutes by filling in our online application form.

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1. Product Features:

Cover amounts up to R1 000 000 with a minimum of R50 000 for DISABILITY COVER. (Want more cover? Please contact us directly).

You may apply for the policy after age 18 and before age 55, the cover is valid until the policyholder reaches the age of 65, which is the maximum cover age.

Only ONE medical question is required for initial acceptance to qualify for the lump sum DISABILITY COVER. The underwriter reserves the right to request an HIV test and other medical examinations based on the aforementioned health statement.

The amount of cover (Sum Insured) and premiums to the policy will increase automatically on 1 January each year (the Review Date). This will not require further medical underwriting.

Premiums will be adjusted accordingly when you turn 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60.

No additional premiums are payable for part time activities such as scuba diving, flying, parachute jumping, etc.

Your premium is not loaded if you smoke.

You can get cover in as little as 30 minutes by filling in our online application form.

2. Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ's)

Q: Who qualifies for this cover?

A: You may qualify for this policy if you are aged between 18 and age 55 and remain a policyholder up to age 65, which is the maximum cover age, AND if you are in the medical profession and Registered in the Register of Medical Practitioners and Dentists or if you practice as a veterinary surgeon or if you are a professional person and have already completed 3 years of your studies or you hold an administrative post or are the personnel of the professionally qualified person.

Q: Are there any exclusions for this cover?

A: No benefits will be payable should the policyholder die during the 6-month waiting period as this is a disability policy. No benefit will be payable if the Disability is directly or indirectly caused by the following list of exclusions - Click here to view the list of exclusions.

Q: Are there any additional benefits offered under this policy?

A: No, only LIFE COVER is offered so that you know precisely what you are paying for. Often various benefits are sold in one "package" and clients may not be aware of what is paid for which benefit. For this reason, life cover and other JPF products are offered separately.

Q: Are there any additional benefits offered under this policy?

A: No, the product offers a lump sum disability cover as a separate product. Disability is a separate product, in other words, not linked to life cover. Disability is usually marketed as an additional benefit to a life insurance policy. If disability is paid out in terms of such a product, the life cover decreases accordingly. Your JPF DISABILITY COVER does not affect/influence your life cover.

Q: What information is needed when you submit a claim?

A: A completed JPF TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY CLAIM FORM, proof of age, proof of policy, proof of application, proof of payment, medical reports confirming the disability.

Q: If medical questions are answered with "YES", what medical requirements apply?

A: A completed JPF Medical Information Questionnaire form, supporting medical evidence (e.g x-ray report, blood tests and other laboratory results, etc.) and the insured life's identity document or a copy of the back and front of identity smart card. JPF may require additional information. These medical requirements are for your own account and will impact the time until acceptance.

Q: When do I have a valid claim under this DISABILITY COVER policy?

A: If there is a total and permanent disability to perform a regular occupation, the insured amount will be payable after a waiting period of six months.

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