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Introducing the ALL NEW online do-it-yourself JPF BREAST CANCER COVER from as little as R11 per month

It has never been so easy to take out cover in just a few quick and convenient steps

1 out of 8 women contract BREAST CANCER.  BREAST CANCER is the most prevalent and common cancer amongst South African women.  Are you financially prepared?

The cover amount serves to cover lifestyle changes such as reconstructive surgery which is not covered by most medical aids, expensive treatment costs, taking time off work for treatment and to compensate you for possible future insurability.

JPF BREAST CANCER COVER pays out 25% of the cover amount already in Phase 1 BREAST CANCER diagnosis.

You can get cover in as little as 10 minutes by filling in our online application form.

Apply online now for a JPF BREAST CANCER POLICY

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1. Product Features:

This policy offers cover amounts up to R1 000 000 with a minimum of R50 000 for BREAST CANCER COVER.  (Want more cover? Please contact us directly).

You may apply for the policy after age 18 and before age 60, the cover is valid until the policyholder reaches the age of 65, which is the maximum cover age.

The JPF BREAST CANCER COVER pays on diagnosis:

If Phase 1 BREAST CANCER is diagnosed, 25% of the cover will be paid.  Thereafter the premium and cover will reduce to 75% respectively and the balance of the cover will be paid should Phase 2 - 4 be diagnosed in the future.

If Phase 2 - 4 BREAST CANCER is diagnosed, 100% of the cover will be paid.

The 4 Phase "TNM" (Tumour, Nodes, Metastasis) classification method is used to measure the phases.

Only FOUR medical questions are required for initial acceptance to qualify for the BREAST CANCER COVER. 

Cover and Premiums increase automatically 1 January each year, the Review Date, with a 31 (thirty-one) day notice to the Policyholder.  No medicals and no waiting period will then be applicable. 

Premiums are adjusted accordingly at age 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60.

No additional premiums are payable for part time activities such as scuba diving, flying, parachute jumping, etc.

Your premium is not loaded if you smoke.

2. Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ's)

Q: Who qualifies for this cover?

A: This policy is available for all women who are aged between 18 and age 60 and they can remain a policyholder up to age 65, which is the maximum cover age.

Q: Are there any exclusions for this cover?

A: A three months waiting period from inception date will be applicable (no cover will be granted should BREAST CANCER be contracted in this period).  No benefit is payable if a claim is submitted after 6 months of diagnosis of BREAST CANCER  by a qualified medical practitioner, unless there are extenuating reasons for late submission.  No benefit is payable if a claim is due to a Pre-existing Cancer, that is, a cancer that the Policyholder was aware of, or that she have consulted a Medical Practitioner for, or that she has received medical treatment for in the six months preceding the inception of the Policy.

Q: Is this BREAST CANCER COVER like a medical aid?

A: No, it is a lump sum cover classified under life insurance and not comparable or an alternative to a medical aid.  Cover is payable irrespective of medical aid settlements, on diagnosis not on submission of medical accounts.  It serves to cover lifestyle changes and to compensate the client for possible future insurability.

Q: What information is needed when you submit a claim?

A: A completed JPF BREAST CANCER CLAIM FORM, proof of age, proof of policy, proof of application, proof of payment, original certified medical certificate that indicates the phase of the BREAST CANCER according to the 4-phase "TNM" classification (Tumour, Nodes, Metastases) method.

Q: If medical questions are answered with "YES", what medical requirements apply?

A: A completed JPF Medical Information Questionnaire form, supporting medical evidence (e.g x-ray report, blood tests and other laborotary results, etc.) and the insured life's identity document or a copy of the back and front of identity smart card.  JPF may require additional information.  These medical requirements are for your own account and will impact the time until acceptance.

Q: After a Phase 1 claim has been paid (25% of the cover amount), will the remaining 75% cover amount and premiums continue to increase each year thereafter?

A: There will not be any premium or cover increases after a Phase 1 claim has been paid, except for age-based premium increases mentioned above.  After such a claim, the cover amount will be at 75% and the premium will also reduce to 75% of what was payable before the claim was paid.

Q: Who gets the money in the event of my death as a result of BREAST CANCER?

A: You need to appoint a beneficiary, to whom the benefit will be payable in the event of your death as a result of BREAST CANCER.

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