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Introducing the ALL NEW online do-it-yourself JPF PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER from as little as R50 per month

It has never been so easy to take out cover in just a few quick and convenient steps. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Are you prepared for the long-term financial impact such an injury can have on you or your loved ones?

By taking out JPF PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be prepared for the extra costs such an accident can have such as medical bills, lifestyle changes or in the event of you passing away expenses such as debt, estate duties, funeral costs and everyday living costs.

   The official figures show that 12 503 road deaths were reported on South African roads in 2019 (Source: AA).

   The SAPS recorded 21 325 murders in South Africa, for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. This is an increase of 1.4% from the year before (Source: SAPS).

   In 2018/2019 there were about 260 000 incidences of home robberies. The most common weapons used in home robbery were guns (54%) and knives (46%) (Source: Stats SA).

You can get cover in as little as 10 minutes by filling in our online application form.

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1. Policy Features:

With this slider, amounts up to R1 000 000 with a minimum of R50 000 for ACCIDENT cover. (Want more cover? Please contact us directly).

Accidents, gunshot-wounds or penetrating stab-wounds and accident/injury because of certain wild animals are also covered.

Cover is granted without any medical proof of insurability. An amount equal to a percentage of the policyholders' sum assured is payable.

Click here to view the table of percentages that are payable for claim events/incidents.

If an accident benefit claim is approved, then an additional amount of 25% of the awarded claim amount will be payable if the injury/death was caused by one of the animals on the approved list of animals.

Click here to view the list of animals for which this policy provides cover.

No age, gender or smoker differentiation for this poduct, meaning all qualifying ages, genders and smokers or non-smokers pay the same premium rate for the amount of chosen cover.

2. Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ's)

Q: Who qualifies for this cover?

A: Click here to view the list of qualifying clients.

Q: Are there any exclusions for this cover?

A: Click here for more information on the list of exclusions for this product.

Q: Can children also get cover under this policy?

A: Cover for children under 15 will be limited to R30 000.

Q: Does the policy cancel if there was a claim for less than 100% of the cover amount?

A: No. If the claim payable is less than 100% of the cover amount, the premium will be reduced to reflect any reduction in cover amount and in the event of a further claim, the balance of the original benefit payable may be paid, subject to the specified percentages as stated in the table.

Q: What information is needed when you submit a claim?

A: A completed JPF ACCIDENT UNNATURAL DEATH CLAIM FORM , proof of the accident and medical proof of the accident must be provided by the policyholder.

Q: Who gets the money in the event of my death?

A: You need to appoint a beneficiary, to whom the benefit will be payable in the event of your death.

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